Course Records USATF #19003RS

Buzz Marathon USATF #19003RS   John Dennehy               Beatrice Rosen Hawthorne, CA                      Denver, CO       2:46:53.4                               3:22:07.0          2021

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Course Map

HQ Building Fire Department on Arizona just south of S/FMarathon RouteStart/Finish corner Arizona/Ave 14N to New MexicoWest to WashingtonSouth to MichiganEast to MontanaNorth to New MexicoWest to ArizonaNorth to FieldWest to Perimeter North to...

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Race Results 2018

Race results may be accessed at: http://www.synergyracetiming.com/buzz-marathon-san-miguel-ca/ Note: Due to intense training of massive numbers of troops on base the military made an adjustment to the course for safety of runners and troops which...

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